Not Just Another Shawl

5th Sep 2013

Dear friends and fans of The Singapore Shawl, here is a recent article by Kelvin Wee for the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), which is posted on its SIM Members’ Hub.

Few people will give up a successful and lucrative consulting business to start up a social enterprise with the mission of helping the less fortunate as its main mission. Fortunately for Singaporeans struggling to recuperate from retrenchment, Shelley Siu is not like most people.

Wearing her heart on her … shawl … Shelley made “Country, Community and Environment” her mantra and started The Singapore Shawl with the goal of promoting her country and helping her fellow citizens, while not sacrificing the integrity of the environment along the way to success.


Not Just Another Shawl: Click here to read the full article (PDF, 348KB)