Corporate Gifts



Unisex and custom designed shawls are available for corporate clients. We have been providing corporate gifts in the form of shawls, scarfs, ties and other accessories for many years. The Singapore Shawl is very honoured to have designed and crafted dozens of shawls for foreign dignatries/VVIPs, including HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

It is our Creative Director Shelley’s Siu's passion to design a shawl for you. It will be her pleasure to provide you with a custom designed shawl, be it a single exclusive piece or a bulk order. Send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name, email and other contact details
  • The recipient of the shawl/s i.e. age, lifestyle, culture, personal preferences etc.
  • Any specific preferences with regards to fabric, colours, embellishments, embroidery, classical vs contemporary and any other preferences
  • Actual use of the shawl. For example: as an evening accessory to a black gown or to be worn as a "sling" etc.
  • Budget and number of pieces required.

Due to the varied types of fabric, the design intricacies and the required production process, the price of a shawl will also vary greatly. A single exclusive piece of customized shawl may vary from S$200 to S$1000. In rare cases where expensive jewellry is required, a single shawl may cost S$2000 or more.

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Our variety of elegant gift boxes and pillow packs are available for your selection. Pillow packs are ideal for travellers. Simply unfold the pillow packs when you are ready to present the gifts. 

Fill up the quick response form below or email on corporate gifts enquiries now!