With Fasteners

The Singapore Shawl offers a plethora of stylish yet elegant shawls with beautiful and unique fasteners that certainly add a spark to your look. Be it the ornate Chinese frog buttons or graceful crystal-embellished clasps, these fasteners will diversify the way you can wear a shawl. Do not hesitate to watch our instructional video in the product pages -- you will definitely be awed by the different ways a shawl may be worn!

Our Chinese buttons are from the dying art of manual hand knotting. These enduring buttons, beautiful and practical, are hand stitched onto the shawls. Myriad of colours and prints (floral and leopard) are available to match the shawls.

If you would like to purchase a shawl customized to your own individual taste, feel free to send your request to store@thesingaporeshawl.com. We can customize a shawl for you at no additional cost or for a small fee, depending on the effort and material required.