With no frills to draw attention away from the exquisite and magnificent patterns emblazoned on these unstyled shawls, they exuberate elegance in simplicity, as the designs are without buttons, fasteners nor sleeves. We offer a great assortment of unstyled shawls with patterns varying in colours, shapes and hues. Therefore, this collection caters to both fun and carefree outings with friends, and luxurious nights of dinner and dance alike. Fashion the shawl in the manner you please or simply drape it around your neck for a refined and beautified look with ease.

If you wish to purchase a shawl of unique styling to own exclusively, you are welcomed to send a request for the customization of a shawl to store@thesingaporeshawl.com, and we will be happy to comply by adorning the shawl with the buttons of your choice.  Do so at no additional cost or at a small fee, depending on the effort and material required.