For centuries, the orchid has been a symbol of elegance, beauty and resilience. Being the national flower of Singapore, the orchid is loved dearly by all as an emblem of our loyalty and love to our nation. What's even more remarkable about the orchid is its ability to cross-breed with other orchid species, giving rise to even more astonishing and exotic hybrids--each blossom beautifully composed, its petals arranged in perfect symmetry.

At The Singapore Shawl, one of our tenets is to epitomize our country Singapore at the global platform. Thus taking great dignity in showcasing our stunning national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, we embrace the flower in our embroidery, jacquard woven fabrics and crystal embellishments. Other lovely orchids christened with the prominent names of Mother Teresa, Tan Chay Yan, etc., have also been used as flourishes to our shawl designs.

Even our founder Ms Shelley Siu, an orchid enthusiast, has a hybrid orchid named after her; "Phalaenopsis Shelley Siu". We hope you will love the shawl designs inspired by our passion for orchids and for our nation.