About Us

shelley-siu-v2.jpgThe Singapore Shawl was founded by Shelley Siu in 2003 as a creative social enterprise (Read publication by Ministry of Social and Family Development on social enterprise stories featuring The Singapore Shawl) that provides employment and additional skills development for marginalised women.

Our three tenets are:

(1) Country - to promote Singapore in the international arena
(2) Community - to help under-privileged women, especially the old
(3) Environment- the use of eco-friendly fabric materials.

The Singapore Shawl is an exclusive brand of unique, elegant and eco-friendly shawls that feature the flora, fauna, history, art and cultures of Singapore in silk, light wool, cellulose, recycled soy, coffee and bamboo.


Not just another shawl

Our creations have made their mark as one of Singapore’s premium gifts, and have graced the shoulders of world leaders, royalty, celebrities and politicians alike.

To date, The Singapore Shawl has touched the lives of breast cancer survivors, single mothers, home-bound care-givers, retirees, the retrenched and unemployed.

We are also active fund-raisers, and our exquisite hand-embellished shawls have helped to raise substantial amounts through fashion shows and auctions. Our partners include:

  • The Breast Cancer Foundation
  • DSM (World Food Program)
  • Jane Goodall Foundation
  • Standard Chartered Bank’s “Seeing is Believing” initiative for the prevention of blindness in women and children

The Singapore Shawl can be found in New York, San Francisco and France as well. We continue to be a mantle of blessings for women who need it – whether for fashion and elegance, or as basic as a means of livelihood.

International Participation/Commissions

  • IMF/World Bank Meetings 2006
  • ASEAN Summit 2007
  • Interpol General Assembly 2009
  • 14th APEC WLN 2009, APEC Singapore 2009 Leaders’ Week
  • Singapore Art Museum, Wu Guanzhong Donation Collection 2009

Online and Physical Stores

The Singapore Shawl now operates 100% online. We have ceased operations in all our physical stores.

External Publications on The Singapore Shawl:

The Singapore Shawl - a uniquely Singapore product and gift.